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Ocean Conservancy 2015
In September, Ocean Conservancy announced the global launch of Stemming the Tide: Land-based strategies for a plastic-free ocean – a solutions-oriented report that outlines specific land-based solutions for plastic waste in the ocean. REDISA, due to the local success, was invited as a partner for the report with the Dow Chemical Company, The Coca-Cola Company, the American Chemistry Council and World Wildlife Fund.
The full report can be found here
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REDISA’s state of readiness
Many people are asking us when we are coming back. The simple answer is that we don’t know, but we are ready. There is a job to do, and we are preparing to re-start operations as soon as we get our mandate.
World Economic Forum The Circulars 2016 awards
REDISA Return Expected
South Africa’s REDISA vows to make a comeback after being cleared by the Supreme Court of Appeal.
The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of SA (Redisa) says that it is committed to reviving its operations following the finding by the Supreme Court of Appeal that it was the subject of a campaign to ruin the programme.