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Ocean Conservancy 2015
In September, Ocean Conservancy announced the global launch of Stemming the Tide: Land-based strategies for a plastic-free ocean – a solutions-oriented report that outlines specific land-based solutions for plastic waste in the ocean. REDISA, due to the local success, was invited as a partner for the report with the Dow Chemical Company, The Coca-Cola Company, the American Chemistry Council and World Wildlife Fund.
The full report can be found here
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Carte Blanche REDISA Update
In 2012 Carte Blanche started investigating allegations that had been made against REDISA, and aired several stories about REDISA between 2015 and 2017. The update broadcast on 16 July 2023 brings the story up to date in light of the January 2019 judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal. A written statement appears on their web site, A video version can be viewed here.
No Tyre Plan In Sight, Policy Unclear
Government efforts to develop a new plan are not encouraging.

In March 2020 draft 9 of the CSIR Section 29 plan was published. The plan has multiple problems and internal contradictions. The comments REDISA submitted can be read here.

The April 2022 report by the research organisation Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) was updated in October 2022. Unfortunately, it still contains wrong information and now excludes all mention of REDISA. An updated detailed commentary on the TIPS report can be read here.
REDISA’s state of readiness
Many people are asking us when we are coming back. The simple answer is that we don’t know, but we are ready. There is a job to do, and we are preparing to re-start operations as soon as we get our mandate.